Thursday, 29 March 2012

Hello world-thing!

Hello, yes, hello! First blog and all that, all nice and shiny still before tit all gets messy from random posting on juxtaposed things and dusty because I forget it exists for a few months. So yes! Here is a blog! Isn't it nice?

What you'll probably see posted on here are overviews of role-play sessions I'm in and I think are interesting enough to give to let others see and ones where I at least vaguely remember everything that happened. One of the two. I might add some musings on different game systems and what I like about them and different games as well. You know, stuff that's probably already done but I may as well add to the collective pool of general musing.

Anyway, I think that's a satisfactory introduction thing. Do enjoy, pull up a chair/cushion/bench/sofa/small elephant and make yourself comfortable.

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