Saturday, 7 July 2012

Item: One grovelling goblin

A somewhat vague summary of my attempts to play Aye Dark Overlord! And as an experiment (And because there is really no other way to summarise it), its in character!

You just can't get the help these days. I sent those miserable goblins to get me the plans for my latest Death Star and they completely failed to retrieve them! Naturally they needed to be punished and so I questioned them to find out what happened. They fed me some mad cap story that included and was not limited to one of them cutting the bridge on his fellow goblins, a massive snow storm apparently leaving them disorientated, them finding themselves unable to get into the fortress holding the Plans and them trying to get a zeplin to get in, one of them apparently abandoning the others to go fishing and another that went off with an attractive elf woman! Eventually it became clear which of the goblins was to blame for the failure. She managed to convince me once that she wasn't responsible but by the end there was nothing she could do against the accusations. According the the other goblins she had been planning to use items of power against me! Naturally she was then executed.

/but some of my colleagues in the Dark Overlording business have been reporting simmiler problems with their goblin minions. Perhaps its time to invest in orcs. I'll need to ask my Grand Vizier what he thinks...


My master was not pleased with us today. We had been tasked with taking some papers to his lawyer friend in the next room but we weren't able to. Totally not my fault though, despite what the others said! One of them blamed me for the big tree that randomly grew in the corridor that blocked us but it wasn't me because I saw the Iron Man make it crow with his super science and he was being helped by one of the others! Really, a lot happened when trying ot deliver those papers. One of the other goblins tried to claim that the reason he had gone off was because he had been following a hot elf woman into a cellar with slimy walls but I knew that wasn't true because he'd actually been in the slimy cellar with an ugly old man. The one of the other goblins said that he'd also been seen down in the cellar not only with the old man but with the master's dog. Master wasn't happy to hear that, especially when it turned out one of the other goblins had been playing with his water soluble sword. Master got so angry at that goblin he was executed. The rest of us were spared though. Just as well, because it definatly wasn't my fault...

To Follow - an overlook at Aye, Dark Overlord! that will hopefully make more sense than this summary!

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